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Date: June 17, 2013 Category: Uncategorized

Pool Concepts and Designs by Black Sands Pools of San DiegoBecause FUN is the best thing to have!

A swimming pool is a dream for many families; a dream that means different things to each pool owner. It may be the gathering place; a place where they can escape from the stress and worry and enjoy themselves, creating memories along the way. It may be a focal point of a home’s architecture, or a place to float away a day with a good book and a cold drink. For others, it may be all about firing up the grill and having a few friends over for good times and ruthless games of Marco Polo.

kid_in_poolThe funny thing about swimming pools is that they have a way of transforming the ordinary into something magical. It’s been said that stress can’t swim, and there just may be some truth to that. Because once you slip into the coolness of the water, stress seems to take leave, and everyday worries melt away. Think about the times that you’ve been in the water and how free you’ve felt. Young or old alike become transformed, and days seem to move a bit slower and easier, because swimming pools mean fun, and fun is the best thing to have!

At Black Sand Pools, we understand the importance of creating fun.This means that the construction of your pool must be as stress free as possible. By using only the best products available, paying close attention to what the customer wants, and designing and building a swimming pool that will provide years of pride and enjoyment, we take the stress out of the pool building process. As pool owners ourselves, we know what works and what doesn’t, what creates a healthy retreat for your family and friends, and what provides longevity and peace of mind so that you can work on creating memories and fun, and not work on your pool! Because after all, don’t we all need to have more fun?

Black Sand Pools looks at swimming pools a little differently than other pool builders. For us, it isn’t about how many awards we win or how many pools we build, it’s about how many families we can make happy and provide a lifetime of memories for. It’s hearing back from our customers that they just had the best summer ever, or watching little ones stand wide eyed as the tractor takes the first scoop of soil and the excavation begins on their new pool. It’s getting pictures of the baby in the floater with a huge grin on his face, or the family dog in mid flight before splashdown, or even just hearing how relaxing and tranquil the backyard is now that the pool is in and a personal oasis has been realized. These mean more to us than any amount of awards or industry recognition. You see, if you keep these visions at the forefront of every pool that you build, the true meaning of happiness is just a splash away.

A Complete Backyard Retreat

From a relaxing, invigorating spa to a complete backyard retreat, Black Sand Pools takes the journey from inception to completion with one thought in mind; your happiness and total satisfaction. Featuring strong hydraulic principles and looped return systems, assuring even pressure of all pool returns and providing the most efficient pool circulation available, to remote control systems allowing you to control your pool via smart phone or tablet, Black Sand Pools works to provide the most trouble free pool on the market. Impeccable attention to detail and utilizing only the best products that the industry provides allows us to build a swimming pool that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them. You see, we want you to spend more time enjoying your pool and less time thinking about it. Imagine leaving your office and accessing your smart phone in the parking lot, sending a command to your pool to have the spa ready when you arrive home. Once home, you grab a cold beverage and slip into your warm spa; already heated to your desired temperature. Or have the pool turned on, with lights and music playing, all with a few key strokes and no hassle. These aren’t fictitious scenarios; all are available and much more affordable than you may think, when you choose Black Sand Pools.