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Date: June 19, 2013 Category: Uncategorized

christian-pool-2-725x455The Right Way to Build a Swimming Pool

Black Sand Pools believes that there are right ways and wrong ways to build a swimming pool, and we choose not to subscribe to the “wrong way” philosophy. We think you will agree that a “wrong way” pool is really not what you are interested in, and we find it hard to fathom why so many continue to build these types of swimming pools!

Everyone says they are different, but what does that mean really? Do they loop their return lines and equalize the return water evenly, allowing for the most efficient use of water? We do. Do they move the main drains from the floor to the pool walls, where you won’t stub your toes or continually untangle the pool cleaner? We do. Do they provide two skimmers, with one dedicated for the pool cleaner, allowing for no chance of entrapment like a standard wall fitting? We do. Do they offer you an overflow so that you don’t have to pump water after a storm? We do. Do they offer you the ability to control your pool from nearly anywhere on the planet via your smart phone or tablet? We do.

These are all little things, but they add up to so much more when the project is completed. Why don’t they do some of these items, or even offer them? Well, you see, it’s more expensive to build a pool this way, but it is the right way to build a swimming pool. Of course we build strictly to the most current engineering-in many cases exceeding it in fact-as these are the parts of the pool that provide structural integrity and give you peace of mind, but our little extras also provide something more; they provide more time to let your pool take care of you, and less time for you to take care of it.

Making Your Dreams Come True

Tell us your wishes, your dreams, and your “must haves”, and we will work hard to fulfill them all. But we’ll take it one step farther and give you some things that you may never realize until your pool is completed, or one of your guests asks “where did you get that; our builder didn’t do that”. Now, don’t you think it’s strange that no one seems to think you would want all of this? Strange indeed, especially when it is your dream, and in your dreams you really can have it all.