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Custom Spas

Date: June 19, 2013 Category: Uncategorized

custom-spa-725Creating a Private Spa Oasis

Spas are many things to many people. Some appreciate the Hydro-therapy benefit they provide, while others may just enjoy the soothing heat after a long day, helping them to relax and renew. Others may look at a spa as the ultimate indulgence, where heat and bubbles combine to create a private oasis only available to them and their loved ones.

Whatever your motivation, Black Sand Pools is there to create the experience that is uniquely you. Do you need a sloped back rest to relax against, or specific jets in specific areas? Perhaps foot or calf jets are your version of luxury, or a waterfall that cascades in as you soak the day away. All of this is standard fare for us, and we spend as much time designing this area as we may the entire pool area, because the spa is a much more intimate and rejuvenating portion of your personal paradise.

All of our spa or pool and spa combinations feature two pumps; one for circulating the water, keeping it clean and heated, and another committed to providing the utmost in jet activity. We refuse to succumb to the one pump theory, where one pump is asked to do the work of many. This may be acceptable to some builders, but not us. We have no desire to create “good enough”. We wouldn’t accept it ourselves, so why would we think you would be any different?